More noise than signal

The audacity of a dope

It turns out that for no reason I can fathom, the recording of my end of the podcasts so frequently mentioned over the past few days has fallen prey to some horrible gremlin or other. My best guess so far is that the signal from my external mic interface, which ought to be sampled at 48 kHz, was recorded at 44.1 kHz by the computer software, but without any resampling.

As a result, when the file is played back, there’s my compatriots on the other end of the virtual blower nattering away good and proper, and my voice sounding like I’m half asleep, or perhaps using the sort of voice disguise they used to have Gerry Adams talk with on U.K. news broadcasts. I figure that the voice data’s been stretched to cover the difference in apparent times, with a resulting pitch shift down.

With a quick-ish audio transform I can at least get the speeds back to something approaching my real-life dulcet tomes, but the sync between my side of the convo and everyone else’s is banjoed eight ways till Sunday. Which, coincidentally enough, will be about when I believe I’ll be finished fixing the damnable thing. Well, I say fixed. As best as is possible, but the quality is still degraded and clicky. Bah.

Slow going ahead, it seems, so I may have to delve into my back catalogue of half-finished articles to post, or in some cases fully finished articles that I just didn’t bother posting for miscellaneous reasons, all lost in the mists of time. There’s also an ever growing ‘Holding Pattern’ folder in my Aperture photo manager that is in need of sorting, and situations like this present an ideal opportunity to do some of that work.

See? There is truly no problem that does not present opportunity.

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