More noise than signal

A patch, eh?

Our long national podcast editing nightmare looks like it is soon to be over. One was posted yesterday evening, although almost as soon as I pulled the trigger on that I stumbled across a great suite of audio clean-up tools, iZotope RX2. It’s not a magic bullet, but after spending literally hours futzing around with noise gates, pass filters and varied other filters with increasing desperation in Audacity, to little effect, I can’t help but appreciate the ease of use and effectiveness of the software.

It can’t perform miracles, but it certainly transformed a click laden audio stream from something that was really on the very borders of unlistenable and brought it down to only being somewhat annoying. As such, I fixed up and re-edited that podcast, uploading a revised version at around 2 AM. If you downloaded the previous version, I heartily recommend re-downloading the newer one. Still not great, but a substantial improvement.

Back to editing the other podcast, I suppose. I also must throw a load of still useful but ultimately under-utilised stuff on the old eBay later. Fun? Not really. But it’s a honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. Well, without the payment.