More noise than signal

The Hunt For Red October

It’s coming up for Chinese New Year in Beijing, which rather means everything looks like Christmas in Blighty. Vive la différence.

So, what’s a lad to do on a cold Beijing evening? A night on the tiles in a nightclub? A couple of shandies in the hotel bar and an early night? Well, I considered these before going with the obvious option. Watching The Hunt For Red October.

I can’t immediately think of anything particularly wise to say about the film, so I’ll limit myself to saying that it’s held up pretty well, still capturing a decent amount of intrigue and tension, and that it’s really wierd to see Young(ish) Alec Baldwin, dramatic actor, having grown so used to Old(ish) Alec Baldwin, the self parody from 30 Rock.

Oh, and there’s also the single best look of surprised, affronted, disbelieving shock ever commited to celluloid in here, after Sean “obviously I’m Russian, you can tell by my accent” Connery kills off the submarine’s political officer.