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Jackass: The Movie

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Occasionally films come along that take cinema in bold and exciting new directions. Occasionally they twist and turn in surprising fashion. Sometimes they put people in an oversized shopping trolley and fire rocks at them. Jackass: The Movie follows the latter path.

This film is a clear extension of the TV series, so don’t go expecting a sea change in Knoxville and co.’s antics. They have made a career out of endangering themselves physically and irritating and/or confusing others for our entertainment. Even if they grievously hurt themselves, it’s okay to laugh because they chose to do it, thus absolving us of any blame. And so we laugh. And laugh. And laugh.

Indeed, the only point where I stopped laughing was when I was reflexively shouting ‘Ouch’ in sympathy with the poor guys when heavy hitting implements hit heavily in the nut-sack area, or when giving paper cuts to each other in places that have no need to be paper-cutted.

Along with the usual gang we have a variety of special guest stars who either get to bring the pain (Butterbean doing what he does best, smacking Knoxville around; the icon that is Henry Rollins driving a hum-vee at breakneck speeds as Steve-O is attempting to have a tattoo done in the back) or receive it (sterling performances by Mat Hoffman and Tony Hawk doing what they do best, but in fat suits to add spice to the proceedings).

Do not see this movie if:

  • Seeing bodily fluid outside of bodies offends you.
  • You do not find the pain of others funny.
  • You are scared of alligators. For some reason there are a lot of alligator based stunts in this.
  • You believe stupidity should not be rewarded or encouraged.
  • You have large hair. Have some respect for the people sitting behind you.
  • You are annoyed by people padding out reviews by adding lists.

This is a silly movie, full of stupid people doing dangerous things with hilarious consequences. It’s not possible to accidentally stumble into this without knowing exactly what you’re in for, and it’s not going to change anyone’s opinion of the show. If y’all like that, y’all will like this. If you find the show reprehensible, pop next door and watch The Hours, and leave the rest of us giggling like schoolgirls.

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