More noise than signal

How To Survive A Robot Uprising — Daniel H. Wilson

If there’s one thing that’s certain in this life, it’s that were all doomed. The Big Red Commie Fun Bus may have had its tyres punctured but we’re constantly warned of other impending sources of death and destruction. Essentially what I’m saying is that if Iran doesn’t get us with it’s exceedingly dangerous, freedom threatening phantom nuclear capacity, then the robots will.

As Hollywood has proven beyond all reasonable doubt, the robots well-meaning scientists are currently labouring to develop into obedient servants will rebel and methodically slaughter all of these puny, fleshy human meatbags. If we hope to counter this growing threat we must remain vigilant and know our enemy. That is the purpose of this invaluable survival handbook for the coming dread.

Essentially, this book is a state of play of the robotics world and a look at the stops it’s heading towards, before our slaughter at any rate. Entertainingly written in pleasingly jargon free layman’s terms, it covers what’s out there, what they’re used for, how they sense and interact with the world, what strengths and weaknesses they have and, naturally, how best we can fight their destructive commands. Hell, you’re learning without realising it. Damn them. It’s well written, well researched, accessible and frequently funny. Indeed, you’ll probably find this book in the humour section. As the book says, let’s just hope that’s where it belongs.